The hand-built fired clay unique has been my sculpture medium for almost six decades.   My sculpture is “organic” because the method of formation is an evolving one; it is not designed.   Clay is the physical past ground by the maw of time, and so, it is the embodiment of flux.  It has plasticity, immediacy, an ability to record history.  It can convey intent.   Pursuing energy and animation, not idealization, I prefer asymmetry over symmetry and “the heat of creation” over refinement.   I am committed to the process of the unique (one of a kind).  I may work a form, such as the column, the spire, the spiral, in series, but each work is begun anew from scratch.  This permits new ideas to enter the dialogue and allows the potential for new energy.   Sculpting for me is a dialogue, a seeking.  Clay with its frightening fecundity and eternal potency has much to impart.

     Although I have work for the interior, my primarily focus is on large sculptures in the landscape.   Fired clay can satisfy a thirst for volume and deep and rich texture absent in most public sculpture.  It is a durable and suitable medium for outdoor sculpture.

     My sculpture is personable in scale, not monumental.   Multiple element installations create groupings responsive to the site in which they inhabit.   Arising up from the same ground with the viewer, mingling among the elements becomes an action, a consent to be part of the assembled.  This emphasizes the individual as a part of a larger entity.

Contact Information:

Should you have doubts and care to discuss the suitability of fired clay as an outdoor sculpture medium; care to make an appointment to visit the studio; or, have other questions, please email to and put  Mudwasp Studio in the subject line so that it doesn't get lost in the email noise.  Or, if you wish to call, it is a landline only, leave a message as to the best time for me to contact you.  We will see what happens.  The answer machine takes your number and time of call, so leave your name and a short message.  (575) 289-2417

Current Events and Associations
Member  New Mexico Potters and Clay Artists   
Recipient of 2021 Sternberg Award of Excellence,                                Sculpture Walk, Evergreen, CO
Sculpture purchase, City of Albuquerque Public Art                            Program


The Studio

Working Studio Area is about 1000 sq. ft. inside with outdoor work areas useful in different seasons.  The work areas allow me to overlook my garden.

My kiln is a Minnesota Flattop propane fed kiln under a shed outside, influenced by weather conditions .