My lengthy fidelity to clay is because of its unique qualities:  plasticity and the ability to record forces acting upon it.  Clay renders volume, mass and rich texture, offering more than a profile or silhouette.   I am enthrall with its terrifying fecundity.   Raw clay is a physical manifestation of the past ground by the maw of time.  It is a flowing form, the embodiment of flux.  Creation, clay teaches, emerges from chaos, not from order.

The wonderful immediacy, when working small in clay, is turned on its head when working large.  The forms are more determined by the clay itself, what is structurally possible and what is not.  I push at the edge of possibility and the clay constantly teaches me in this process.   Many years as a scenic artist (IA Local 829) carving on Broadway sets and for the Metropolitan Opera House quelled my interest in tabletop scale and stirred my interest in the “tableaux vivant” experience. 

My outdoor sculpture is large, not monumental.   It is not derivative or representational; has no narrative, yet retains a sense of being inhabited.  I am interested in the energy of the thing, not in idealized form.   All my clay sculptures are unique, a method which permits maximum spontaneity at the expense of refinement.  I take a form and develop it in series until I am ready to move on to another.

Fired clay, properly installed, is a very suitable medium for outdoor sculpture, requiring little to no maintenance, has no material resale value as is the problem with bronze.  I am happy to discuss this with anyone who has an interest.


My studio is not open for spur-of-the-moment drop-ins, because they are too disruptive However, I welcome interested persons who make a prior appointment.  You may contact me by email:   mudwasp@windstream.net    

Put Studio Visit in the subject line with a brief message and your contact information. I will get back to you.  Or, you may try 575 289-2417 to see what happens.

Current Events and Associations
Best in Show, "Up Lifted" Annual COC Member Show,              Taos Ceramics Center, Taos,NM
Taos Ceramics Center, "Emergence"   4/16- 6/4/2022 2022.

Sunport Ceramic Showcase, ABQ, 2 works
Recipient of 2021 Sternberg Prize, Award of Excellence,                                Sculpture Walk, Evergreen, CO
Sculpture purchase, City of Albuquerque Public Art                            Program

Merit Award, "Coming Together", COC 21, Abiquiu Inn.
Two works self guided sculpture garden at the Abiquiu Inn

The Studio

Working Studio Area is about 1000 sq. ft. inside with outdoor work areas useful in different seasons.  The work areas allow me to overlook my vegetable garden.   The studio is kept warmer than the house in the winter as an incentive to get out there and work.

The kiln is a Minnesota Flattop propane fed kiln under a shed outside, to the right in the picture, Firings are highly influenced by weather conditions .

Clay Sdutio Tour.jpg