Sara Lee D'Alessandro

Notes on Installation of the Sculptures

Interior installation of the columns, spires and spirals require a
retrofit of a pipe armature sleeving into a steel base with interior
weight for stabilization. A steel base with armature can be provided for
each piece for about $200.00 along with instructions.
Terra cotta does well outdoors when properly installed. Some climates
offer more potential for installation than others. To best understand,
eliminate the “flowerpot on the deck experience”and consider the terra
cotta skyline of our major cities, or the larger than life size Qin
Terra Cotta Army, to know the durability of the medium. Exterior
installation is straightforward and easily achieved. Moisture is not a
problem. Freezing is not a problem. Repeated freezing and thawing of
moist sculpture is to be avoided. The sculpture must be installed in a
site that does not have standing freezing water, the base of the
sculpture should set on well drained concrete. This prevents wicking of
moisture up from the ground. Another consideration is public access. I
am happy to discuss site selection and installation further. Contact

These organic works provide a satisfying counterpoint in contemporary
office and corporate buildings, which are often minimalist environments.
Atriums and courtyards offer both daylight’s shifting light play, and,
when lit from the ground up, terrific nighttime drama.










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